Race week -- Day 2, Week 12


Strength - 8x2 100# push press on 0:45


185# bench press x 5

15 air squats

did 8 rounds...took it nice and slow -- happy with the bench, haven't done much of that and did all sets unbroken.

Total time 30'

Long Swim

1400 yards

WU: 300

MS: 6x50 on 10", 6x100 on 20"

CD: 200

Having another "AH-HA" swim period. Feel great. Strokes per length is ranging from 10-12...usually 12 is the short end. Did the 50's in around 45-47...Did all 100's between 1:36 and 1:39.


coffee with coconut oil and veggie broth in the morning

mustard and raw broccoli after swim (big mistake -- I'll NEVER do that again on an empty stomach -- tore. me. up.)

Dinner - the rest of the uncured beef bacon, asparagus, Swiss cheese, can of sardines, boiled egg

Snack - decaf with heavy cream on ice