Final Weigh-in and Body Comp

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Body fat results: [bod pod test] 19.2% on Day 1 -- 15.1% this morning. A decrease of 4.1% and 10.2 pounds of body fat. I lost 3.3 lbs of lean mass but my lean mass percentage increased by 4.1% to 84.9%. Pretty amazing -- about a pound of body fat lost per day on average.

Weight results: 197 lbs to 183.7 lbs -- 13.3 pounds. On Day 11 of my first juice fast I had lost about 12.5 pounds.

Ketones: 3.6 mmol/L -- third day in a row to be 3+

Glucose: 68 ml/dL (lowest morning glucose so far)

Click here for tables and charts following daily weight loss, ketones and glucose readings.

Very pleased with these numbers and how I feel. I celebrated with a large cup (2 cups actually) of "Thunder Coffee"

Played basketball at lunch -- a little concerned that my glucose was 49 before I started playing (lowest I've ever seen it) but I felt fine. I took a big spoonful of coconut oil about 20' before I started. Played for an hour and 15 minutes, took another smaller spoonful of coconut oil and blood sugar was 84 thirty minutes after I stopped playing. On Monday it was 162 when I stopped so I'm sure it was the oil that kept it low...interesting.

Had some 80 proof whiskey on ice with a splash of water before dinner. Hit me like a ton of bricks (something about your liver and ketones makes a small amount of alcohol effect you greater) -- nothing crazy, but I just needed one drink and was good. I had some cashews (which I haven't had since Half IM race day) after dinner -- about 2 handfuls -- and my blood sugar was in the 110s at around 9 PM...I took some gymnema sylvestre and drank my coffee and at 10:30 it was back in the 70s...good sign.


breakfast -- ACV + water // thunder coffee

lunch - 1 tbsp of coconut oil

dinner - 6 oz salmon, 3 oz swiss cheese, 2 eggs, 100g broccoli cuts in 3c veggie bouillon and 1 T of MCT oil, 1 ounce dry roasted, salted cashews, 3 oz 80 proof whiskey

snack - decaf with 1/4c heavy whipping cream and 1 T mct oil

About 2,000 calories, less than 20g carbs, about 170g fat...