VLCKD -- Day 10

Ketones: 3.1 mmol/L

Glucose: 79 mg/dL

Weight: down a pound

Did 10 breaths in 11:10 -- new record. Glucose 81 mg/dL right before noon.

Strength work: 10' EMOTM 185# bench press x 2, strict hang pullups x 5 -- no sweat. Energy spike after I finished. Listened to episode 479 of the Livin' LaVida Low Carb podcast this afternoon in between meetings -- Dr. Phinney mentioned that when you're fat-adapted, exercise actually increases your blood ketones which means that you have more energy running through your system AFTER exercise. That could explain why I've felt so much better on days that I've done some moving around/strength training -- because I'm literally putting fuel into my system by way of my own system -- if that makes sense. Crazy -- internally created fuel supply.

Glucose was 53 mg/dL right after workout. 69 two hours after I started eating dinner and 83 at 10 PM.


breakfast -- ACV in water // coffee with 1 tbsp MCT oil

Dinner -- 8 oz ribeye, 100g kale in 2 ounces water, 1 veggie bouillon cube, 1 tbsp MCT oil and the rest of the drippings from the ribeye pan from yesterday (absolute decadence), 1 tbsp coconut oil (eaten raw -- a new favorite thing)

Snack -- decaf with 1/4 c HWC

I've also been doing a magnesium supplement at night as well...

1,052 calories -- 95g fat // 52g protein // 10g carb