Ketones were 1.3 mmol/L and blood sugar was 88 mg/dL this morning. Weight was the same as it was yesterday. So a little higher blood sugar but not by much -- and down another 0.1 ketone which is interesting. I'm thinking about possibly starting to test ketones twice a day to see if they're any higher during the day or at night. But as long as they're in the 0.5 - 3.0 range I'm OK with it. From what I've read, ketones are lowest in the morning so that's good....I think my weight was stable because of the fact I ate a large percentage of my daily calories so late at night. We'll see...

Now for a really interesting discovery: I played basketball from noon to 1 PM with very little breaks between games and I hardly ever stop running when I play. I was a dirty, sweaty mess at the end. I showered and took my blood glucose when I got to my car...it was 162!!! Kind of freaked me out a little bit until I read that it's pretty typical when you're doing strenuous exercise for that to happen. Diabetics have to use insulin to stabilize if it jumps that much. My understanding is that my body is dumping stored glucose into my blood stream to help give me energy but that strenuous exercise also releases HGH into the blood stream. Because HGH is helping there is lots of glucose leftover in the blood stream....not 100% sure on that explanation in the limited amount of time I had to google it.

Anyway -- 1 hour later it had fallen 59 points to 103 and 90 minutes after that had fallen another 23 to 80 mg/dL. I wonder if that will have any effect on my morning numbers?

So all that with only 1 tbsp of MCT oil -- as I write this at 5:15 PM I feel totally fine. Energy is normal. At 9:30 PM my glucose was 95 which seemed a little high for that time of night...I was in bed by 10:30, planned to get 8 hours of sleep.


breakfast -- 1 tbsp MCT oil in coffee // ACV in water

Dinner -- 1 cube bouillon with 100 ounces of kale cooked into it (2 c water, too, I poured the fat and oil from the pan into this "soup" and it was incredible), 5.7 ounces of the grass fed ground meat I've been eating last few days, 1 tbsp coconut oil

snack -- decaf with 1/4c heavy whipping cream

1,069 calories -- 95g fat // 50.2g protein // 10g carbs