VLCKD -- Day 6

click here for VLCKD explanation

I was up 1 pound this morning. Ketone level was 1.4 mmol/L and blood sugar was 81. So the ketone was down 0.1 and weight was up. Not too worried about that since, as I said in Day 1 post, you could be +/- 4 lbs of water weight at any given time.

My theory is that I'm obviously still in fat burning mode but my fluid levels were knocked out of their rhythm based on how late I went to bed (1 AM...up at 7 AM). Didn't effect my blood sugar though. We'll see about my theory in the morning after a good night's sleep.

After church I worked in the yard and then did some manual labor at a friend's house all afternoon and never tired, hungry or bad in any way. I'm wondering if I felt bad yesterday because I wasn't moving around? Hmmmmm......interesting.

The days that I've done a little extra physical activity (resistance training, swimming, manual labor) have been the days I've felt the best....like maybe I have so much energy to burn via fat that I feel better when I'm moving??)


Did a semi-intentional experiment at around 9 PM.

Breakfast -- water with ACV // coffee with MCT oil

Dinner - 5 oz high fat grass fed ground beef,  2 oz Swiss cheese, 1 cube bouillon with 85g broccoli

Snack -- decaf with 2 tbsp HWC -- I also had a few ounces of brisket leftover from Sharon's BBQ (where we went tonight, but I took my own food), 2 more oz of Swiss cheese, leftover asparagus (maybe 2 oz?), 1 tbsp of almond butter, a handful of olives. So lots of high fat stuff...still a very low carb day (probably right around 20), but not a "very low" calorie day...just a LCKD day.

An hour later my blood sugar was 93...up from 63 mg/dL right before dinner at 6 PM. It was 66 at 2:10 PM. We'll see what effect it has in the morning.