VLCKD -- Day 4

Feel totally fine this morning.

BOHB (ketone) reading was 1.3 -- up another 0.2. Weight was down another 2 whole pounds (8 total since Tuesday morning). Blood sugar was 79.

At a retreat today at Lake Brownwood. Swam for about 20 minutes around 4 PM. Felt great. Went to be super early...around 10 AM.


breakfast - water/apple cider vinegar, coffee/1 tbsp MCT oil

dinner - 6 oz raw Swiss cheese, broccoli soup (50g broccoli in 2 cups of water with 1 veggie bouillon cube, 4 tbsp heavy whipping cream in decaf, 1 tbsp EVOO)

1,083 Calories -- 95g fat // 56.4g protein // 6.7g carbs