VLCKD -- Day 3

Weight was down another 2 lbs today (6 lbs total).

Ketone (BOHB) measurement was 1.1 mmol/L. Glucose was 72 mg/dL -- both measurements taken at 7 AM.

Feel fine this morning -- normal energy level. Slept good. Love having this blood meter...really been eye opening.

Glucose measurements ---- 71 mg/dL at 1:00 PM. 83 at 9:23.

I was dragging just a bit when I got home from work. But I immediately loosened up my shoulders and did 10x 2 shoulder press with 105# and 5 strict hang pullups every minute on the minute. After that I felt fantastic...we cleaned out the garage (like we moved everything and swept/vacuumed the whole entire garage), went on a walk, and I didn't eat until about 7 PM.


going to look a lot like Tuesdays "Menu" -- 

breakfast - coffee with 1 tbsp MCT oil

Lunch at JD with Jenn -- coffee

Dinner -- kale soup (veggie bouillon cube, 50g kale and about 2 cups water), 4 scrambled eggs in coconut oil (1 tbsp), 50g avocado, can of wild caught sardines in water with a little mustard

Snack -- decaf with 4 tbsp HWC

Calories - 1,033 // 82g fat -- 60g protein -- 15g carbs