VLCKD -- Day 1

Blood sugar was 106 this morning -- had some trail mix (nuts/dried fruit) and carob cubes last night...high calorie day yesterday including cream cheese filled jalapenos wrapped in bacon, dark chocolate, nuts. I proved my theory of rollercoaster blood sugar swings when I ate a 85% dark chocolate bar last night and 1 hour later my blood sugar was up 20 points.

My Ketone measurement was 0.6 mmol/L (ketosis range is 0.5 - 3.0). This proved my theory that I was in ketosis and probably have been for at least 8 weeks. It's the low range, but it's after a high calorie day with much more carbs than I've been eating.

Blood sugar at 1:14 (fasting until this time) was 89 then before dinner was 88 and before bed was 98.


ACV in water -- coffee with 2 tbsp MCT oil for breakfast

Dinner - 4 scrambled eggs in 1 tbsp MCT oil, 50g kale (cooked in 1 tbsp EVOO), 50g avocado, 1 cube of veggie bouillon

Snack - 4 tbsp heavy whipping cream in decaf

1,050 calories -- 105g fat, 14.5g carbs, 27.8g protein

Feel good today....was actually a pretty good amount at dinner time.