Day 5, Week 10 - 12 week Half IM training

Got a physical this morning. HR was 50. Blood pressure was 108/76. Doing a thyroid panel and triglyceride blood test just as soon as I can get over to the lab across town. At initial glance -- I'm ship shape.

Long Swim

2,800 yards

WU: 500, then 8x50 on 15"

MS: 1000 yard TT

100 ez

3x200 on 15"

CD 200

Did the warmup in about 20 minutes...did TT in 18:35. All 200s in around 3:40

Interval Run

got out of the water and did run immediately up at the indoor track at ACU

6x 2' on -- 5' off

did about 2.5 laps and went a little farther with each interval...would run/walk about 3 laps in the 5' recovery...did a total of about 27 laps up there.

Estimated distance - 3.5 miles

Time - 38'

Long Bike

did this one after work since I keep oversleeping!!!


15 miles - 18.75 mph...rode new tires and new helmet on the Tarmac. Decent wind coming out of the north. Kept watts pretty low...166. HR averaged 155


coffee with oil

post swim/run: avocado with EVOO and sea salt, almonds, beef broth, filberts

Dinner: chuck steak, cooked kale, 3 boiled eggs and strawberries...picture above

Snack: nuts/seeds, celery and mustard