Day 6, Week 7 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Brick

62.75 miles in 3:27:53 (18.1 mph average on the Tarmac). Steady but not terrible wind out of the north. Made it to Avoca in about 1:53...peed. Flew home. Never ridden on FM600 north of 180. Good road -- very low traffic.

Average watts 189, HR 140 -- pleased with those numbers.

4:37 transition time

Ran 3.5+ miles in 33:40. Total time of workout: 4:10. Good day. About 45 degrees when I started. Wore tri shorts, Nike running tights, wool socks underneath Balega socks. Pearl Izumi thermal long sleeve with bright jersey on top. Pearl Izumi gloes. Nike head beanie under helmet. Never got cold...never overheated. I think I'm going to ride the Shiv for my 2 hour ride next week. Just to give it some work.

Back on the Tarmac for every other ride. Like running with weights on my ankles -- hope it pays off.

For nutrition info see "menu" below.


pre ride - whole avocado with olive oil and sea salt, handful of almonds

during ride - UCAN (1 serving, 110 calories), 8 almonds, water with MCT oil (started alternating water bottles at 1:30 mark -- did that until I was finished). Had 4 almonds at 31 mile mark (about 1:53 in), the other 4 almonds around 45 mile mark. Had a jolly rancher about 40 mile mark, too. Didn't need it, but I had it with me and gave myself a little treat.

Transition - 5 more almonds

During run - rest of UCAN drink. Felt great when it was over.

Rest of day -- (didn't get hungry until about 6 PM -- finished ride at 1 PM).

almonds, walnuts, Genoa salami, uncured pepperoni, cheese, salsa (jenn's homemade), 2 zucchinis (sliced with salsa), 3 strawberries, spoonful of almond butter...lots of water.