Day 4, Week 7 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Run

didn't do my 10x800s last week so I found a track and went to go knock that one out. I got to what I thought was a track at around 8 AM...not a track. Not much time to waste driving around SA looking for a usable track. Found one close by on my phone. Went there. It was a loose gravel, unmarked, elementary school track. No idea if it was even 400m around. I went ahead and did the run. The loose gravel REALLY slows you down -- not as much traction to push off.

Total time 1:20 -- total distance 9.5 miles (I think...)

here are my times over 3 minutes...normally get all these under 3. Several factors contributed to the slow times.

:05, :05, :11, :10, :10, (turned to go opposite direction) :18, :15, :13, :14, :11

Good news was that my calves felt much better...were never an issue. About 45 degrees with moderate wind throughout.


coconut oil coffee for breakfast

Jason's Deli salad for lunch - spinach, broccoli, bell pepper, olives, olive oil, almonds, vinegar, tomatoes (2 rounds)

dinner - onion/egg omelet, sunflower seeds, almonds, Genoa salami, almond butter, salsa, green tea