Day 3, Week 7 - 12 week Half IM training

Traditional Run

3 miles in 30 minutes. Super slow run. Zone 2. Nasal breathing the whole time. Ran south Austin -- on Congress.

Long Swim

WU 500, 8x50 on 15"

MS 2000 TT, 100 easy

CD 200

The YMCA I swam at was in meters, so I swam 1,850m (or about 2,025 yards) in 36:39. If the conversion is accurate, I'm pretty happy with that time.

Total swim was 3,200. Did it in 1:04:47.


coconut oil coffee for breakfast

tbsp of coconut oil before swim

dinner - large salad from whole foods, roast beef, strawberries, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, cooked brussel sprouts

funny story --

I go into Central Market at around 10 PM to get some nuts and peanut butter for tomorrow. At the bulk foods section, someone had filled a bag with dark chocolate almonds (my nemesis)...I had a couple then walked away. Then I walked back for another handful no less than 6 times before I forced myself to leave. They're going to throw those away anyway right? Anyone watching me must have given me the over the top eyeroll.