Day 5, Week 4 - 12 week IM training

Long Run

Time trial -- power test.

Total time - 48'. Total distance - 6 miles.

10' warm up - jogged 2 laps then did a lap of drills and striders.

30' time trial taking HR the final 20' which was 172. Did 18 laps and 100 meters. PR on this is 18.5 laps so I was pleased. Ran with JB. It was pretty cold but not too bad.

My new mentor (taking the place of Oprah), Vinnie Tortorich, preaches "trickling sugar" when you're going to be out of zone 2 (which for me is above about 155 beats/minute). I've been in ketosis for a couple of weeks so I was worried about not being able to get fuel from ketones since my HR was going to be in the upper 160s/low 170s. Because of that, I ate 1/4 of an apple when I woke at 4:15 am, then right before the time trial, I put a jolly rancher in my mouth and kept it in there the whole time. I spit it out as soon as I was done...about 3/4 of it was gone. We jogged a slow mile after the time trial. JB blew past me with 800m to go and could have gone much farther than I did. Overall, good run. Pleased with the distance although my HR was up 3 bpm from last year when I did this. A sign that I'm slightly less efficient -- weight probably has something to do with it.


Strength: 10x2 sumo dead dead lift at 65% 1RM, 205#

WOD: 4 rounds 12 dead lift with 135#, 12 strict pullups in 8:30

total time 30'


breakfast: thunder coffee

Lunch: steamed salmon, cheese, kale

Dinner - cheese at daddy/daughter event, fat smoothie low carb, nuts