Day 7, Week 3 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Bike

40.2 miles in 2:14, 178 watts, 142 HR, 18 mph. 

Started at Memorial Park, went west 15 miles, made a few laps around park to hit 40. Had ANOTHER flat tire. 2nd one in 2 rides after having 0 flats in about 7 years. Don't know what the hey is going on. Luckily I did a lap around the park first and by the time I got around to my car it was losing air so I just changed it at the car and took off. Terrible feeling wondering if you're gonna be stuck on the road somewhere with a flat. Really getting frustrated with this. Going through tubes like hot cakes --- if I ate hot cakes.

...TONS OF LIGHTS so happy with the mph due to about 20 complete stops.

Traditional Run

45' easy run -- HR in the 140s -- breath rate in the 12-14 per minute range (1 every 15 steps)

4.3  miles in 45 minutes


MCT oil in coffee before bike

Post ride - eggs & avocados cooked in butter and cheese, walnuts

Dinner - prime rib cooked in coconut oil, olives, broccoli, cheese, macadamia nuts