Day 2, Week 4 - 12 week Half IM training

Interval Run

4x1200m run on 3' rest (did shuttles of 400m down back down)





Pretty good run. Feeling pretty rotten today energy wise because of the extreme carb reduction. I've been eating less than 50g per day, but going less than 15-20g seems to be much different on my body. Energy picked up during the run. I almost just skipped it. Happy with these times considering I had to come to complete stop twice during each interval.

Total distance - 3.5 miles

Total time - 40 minutes


Front squat 5x1 (185 190 195 200 205)

Midline work - GHD strict sit ups (just went to parallel not all the way touching floor) 3x25 -- reverse hypers 3x10

20-10-5 reps of

calorie row

95# thurster


Good WOD. All in all took me about 30'


breakfast - thunder coffee, canned salmon, salami

lunch - grass fed ground beef steaks, eggs, kale, (all cooked in oil and butter)

Dinner - fat smoothie low carb (fewer almonds and strawberries)...then put butter and oil in tea at night...that was yummy

2,246 calories, 198 fat, 10 carbs, 111 protein

my Ketosis sticks were in the "small" range the three times I tested today.