Day 6, Week 6 - 12 week Half IM training

Unbelievably sore oday...abs, arms, back, legs, eyebrows...everything.

Long Bike

1:24 minutes, 27.5 miles

15' warm up

then 5x3:1 with each of the five sets getting more and more intense...15' zone 2 ride, then do the 5x3:1 again. End with a 15' cool down.

1 - 23.08mph, 127watts, 1.15 miles, HR 122      6 - 1.15miles, 161watts, 125HR, 23mph

2 - 1.24miles, 123watts, 128HR, 24.83mph       7 - 1.19miles, 179watts, 128HR, 23.91mph

3 - 1.3miles, 152watts, 134HR, 26.51mph         8 - 1.27miles, 179watts, 134HR, 25.54mph

4 - 1.39miles, 170watts, 137HR, 27.76mph     9 - 1.36miles, 196watts, 138HR, 27.22mph

5 - 1.45miles, 207watts, 142HR, 29.06mph    10 - 1.42miles, 215watts, 141HR, 28.6mph

Long Swim

2,900 yard

1 hour

WU: 30

MS: 4x200 with 30" rest

8x100 with 15" rest

200 kick

6x100 with 10" rest

CD: 20

All 200s in less than 3:30, all 100s less than 1:45 (on 15 rest) and less than 1:50 (on 10 rest). Did drills as part of cool down. Feel a little less sore after swim but still in lots of pain. Rolled out shoulders and calves twice.


breakfast - coffee with MCT oil (going to cut all dairy for a few weeks and see what happens -- still frustrated with weight loss although I'm not gaining inches and seem to be putting on some muscle)

lunch - tbsp peanut butter, uncured pepperoni, Genoa Salami, 3 eggs, spinach/kale, tomatoes, avocado

Dinner - tuna steak, steamed broccoli, olives, salad