Day 6, Week 5 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Bike

60.32 miles in 3:24:48. 190 average watts which tells me that was a moderately intense ride. HR average 146 - again, that's a fairly high number for a 60 mile ride. I was right on the edge of my "go all day" zone. 17.7 average mph.

I actually broke this down on the power meter in 30 mile sections.

1st 30 miles I averaged 20.5 mph. Watts averaged 193. HR averaged 146. Just under 1:28. 2nd 30 miles took me 1:57. Averaged 187. 15.5 mph average....brutal ride coming home.

Albany ride with a moderate west wind -- so I had it in my face the whole way back. Made it there in 1:29...felt great. Coming back is a killer. That really is a challenging ride with a 2nd half head wind. 3 huge climbs from 30-38 miles. Whole avocado and handful of almonds before (and some MCT oil in my coffee), bottle of UCAN (110 calories) on the ride and 2 jolly ranchers (during those hard climbs). Left around 8 was 32 degrees. Hands were KILLING me about 3 miles in. Wore wool sox and Balega sox. Nike run tights with leg warmers on top of my cycling bib. Warm Nike long sleeve and a New Balance run jacket under my bright jersey. Pearl Izumi gloves. Beanie under my helmet. Never ridden that long in that cold before. Actually started to overheat about 25 miles in. Unzipped some stuff which helped.


breakfast: avocado, almonds, MCT oil

on ride: UCAN, jolly ranchers

post ride: almond milk (1/4c up almonds, water, ice, strawberry in the vitamix)

Dinner - pork chops, sweet potato, salad

Snack - cheese, mixed raw nuts