Day 1, Week 5 - 12 week Half IM training

Long Swim

3,200 yards  - 1:02:45

WU: 300 (5:00)

MS: 12x25 on 10" rest (all in 20")

4x100 on 10"

4x100 on 20" all 100s <1:40

2x200 on 30" (3:24, 3:19)

8x50 on 20" (all between 44 and 47)

400 easy

CD: 200

another good swim. Swam at lunch at ACU. Ah-ha moment wasn't fleeting. This is actually the workout that I did right after my ah-ha moment last year and I lost it. Shoulder has completely healed.


breakfast: thunder coffee

lunch: 4 oz grass fed sirloin, 30g kale cooked in coconut oil, can of wild caught salmon, 60g of raw cheese, 48 oz of water

dinner: fat smoothie low carb, thunder tea