Simply Human Lifestyle -- Monday


AM -- woke at 1 AM with my throat killing me // Hunter was grunting so I took Hope (who had climbed into our bed) with me to the guest room where she sang to me until 2:45 AM before going back into her bed // pack of coyotes right on the other side of our fence didn't help me get back to sleep either // rough night

PM -- not feeling great // watched MNF and got to bed around 11:30 PM


35' walk this morning on treadmill // looking forward to getting back outside to walk dogs

10' warmup

max squat -- 275# -- got it fairly easy compared to 260 last month. Really happy with that lift.

4 x 

20 step ups on 24" box

5 bentover barbell row with 135#

10 hanging straight leg raises



35' walk in the evening


7:30 AM -- acv in water

8:30 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT oil and cinnamon

Noon -- 2 cups of coffee with lemon juice // lots of water

5 PM -- mug of bone broth and mug of green tea

6 PM -- 4 eggs cooked with mushrooms and a can each of sardines and herring // raw tomatoes // raw cheese


REALLY happy with my squat max -- could have definitely done more

Had lunch with an ACU alum of 1951 who had lots of great stories. 

Got my new ACU adidas stuff, and it looks great. 

Grateful for another week to do what I love to do.

Grateful that the Cowboys ineptness doesn't make me lose sleep anymore.