SHL -- Sunday


AM -- woke around 8 AM // another lazy ice day

PM -- getting lots of drainage and throat starting to hurt a little bit // went to bed around 9:30 PM // did not sleep well


Morning -- coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT oil

Afternoon -- few spoonfuls of chocolate, coconut butter (homemade)

Dinner -- leftover heart stew from Friday night // chopped celery // baking chocolate // 6 oz raw Swiss cheese // roasted purple sweet potato cooked in olive oil, salt and pepper (I was the only one that liked it)


Didn't lift today but did walk on the treadmill holding my 6 week old three separate times for 35' each -- going about 1.5 mph. Total of 1:45 minutes of walking.


Loved holding my son and walking while watching TV on the new 24" Vizio I mounted on the wall of the girls playroom this afternoon. 

Watched Redksins get killed

Got out of the house with Haelyn and went grocery shopping