SHL -- Saturday


AM -- woke around 7:15 // was only up once in the night with a daughter issue

PM -- tried to stay up and watch SNL but fell asleep before 11 PM


rest day -- worked out 3 of the last 4 days and am planning on maxing squats tomorrow


At most once a week I like to mix it up and actually eat some food during the day.

Morning -- watermelon, coffee with almond milk and heavy cream, 3 slices pastured bacon

Afternoon -- decaf with heavy cream and almond milk

Dinner -- grass fed ground meat Paleo Chili (I'll post recipe) // almond "corn" bread made by a friend we had over for dinner // baking chocolate // that chili REALLY filled me up


Grateful that we live in a warm house and our electricity isn't gone (knock on wood)

Grateful that OU performed a miracle so the UT/Baylor game is meaningful now!

Watched The Last Unicorn on Amazon -- haven't seen that movie in years (it's really weird)

Making some awesome chili -- can't wait to eat it