SHL -- Friday


AM -- woke up a couple of times during the night (once for each daughter) // woke at 6:50 AM

PM -- tried to watch a movie but fell asleep around 11:30 PM


Glucose was 97 then immediately after was 92. I think I need a new meter. I feel great and am sleeping good.

Morning -- acv in water // coffee (made with my new Aeropress coffee maker -- awesome!) with cinnamon, coconut oil and butter

2 PM -- bone broth

6 PM -- beef heart stew // spaghetti squash // cheese // baking chocolate

9:30 PM -- almond butter with celery // raisins, cashews, frozen berries


Pulled girls with resistance bands all over the icy streets this morning while they giggle and snorted in a cardboard box. 

10' warm up

265# max on bench -- PR for the last 10 years

10 pulls, 1 push

9 pulls, 2 push ... and so on until

1 pull, 10 push

Did dead-hang pulls with smallest resistance band for help. 9:17

Stretch and mobility (pecs)

Walked for 30' on treadmill while holding my 6-week old son.


  • Couldn't wait for girls to wake up so we could eat then get outside and play on the ice. They look so cute in all their winter clothes. 
  • Had some friends come over and play this morning.
  • New bench PR (my lifetime PR is 365 but that was when I was playing football 15 years ago)
  • Grateful for a 3-day weekend unexpectedly
  • Love my new Aeropress coffee maker!