SHL -- Thursday


AM -- woke at 5:30 on the dot // no alarm

PM -- watched Sound of Music tonight with girls (with orange glasses on) // after girls went to bed watched a Dunk Dynasty with Jenn // in bed around 11 PM


Walk/jog with dogs this morning -- a bit chilly

10' warmup

1 rep max shoulder press 155#! new PR

4 x

20 kettle bell swings with 53#

10 goblet squats with 53#

10 air squats


stretch & mobility (IT bands and adductors)


Glucose was 104 which was ridiculous. I've never changed the battery in that meter and I've had it for 8 months. I changed the battery and it was 89, so maybe that's why it's been elevated the last few days. I took it 2 hours after I started eating last night and it was 88 which is way too low for a post-prandial reading.

6:30 AM -- acv in water

8:30 AM -- coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT

Noon -- hamburger patty from AbiHAUS // onion, jalapeno, pickles, tomato, lettuce // stone ground mustard

Dinner -- chuck steak grilled on George Foreman topped with butter after it was cooked // steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots with avocado and butter and salt // baking chocolate // egg yolk (steamed)


HRV was 94 on iThlete and 78 on SweetBeat -- curious as to why there's such a big difference. But both said I was good to go. Resting HR was 57.

Grateful for the cold weather. Not a big cold weather guy but it's nice to be able to wear a coat once in a while!

Watched a debate this morning on Don't Eat Anything With a Face. Very interesting stuff. Video below...

According to a 2009 poll, around 1% of American adults reported being vegan. In 2011 that number rose to 2.5%--more than double, but still dwarfed by the 48% who reported eating meat, fish or poultry at all of their meals. In this country, most of us are blessed with an abundance of food and food choices.

REALLY HAPPY ABOUT NEW SHOULDER PRESS PR!!! I thought I wasn't going to get it because 135# felt pretty heavy and I've been doing a lot of extra pulling trying to strengthen my external rotators and shoulders so I was kind of sore. Very pleased. I fistpumped.