SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke at 5:30, no alarm

PM -- laid down with Hope from 9-9:30 then watched a couple of Duck Dynasty episodes with Jenn...was in bed around 11 PM


Glucose was 98. WAY too high. Don't understand why it's not coming down. 

Morning -- coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT

1 PM -- bone broth // chocolate coconut butter

6-7 PM -- 6 eggs cooked in coconut oil with 1 can each of sardines and herring // steamed broccoli and mushrooms topped with butter and sea salt // raw cheese // baking chocolate // 1 boiled egg


took the dogs on a 30' walk/jog this morning while listening to podcasts


  • Have some really cool guests lined up for the Simply Human Podcast and several more "heavy hitters" that I'm waiting to hear back from. 
  • Took a walk with girls this evening. Hope ran nearly the whole way.
  • Got a new, smaller bench for my gym, one that's not so bulky.
  • Grateful for my brothers and how close we are.