SHL -- Tuesday (NY's eve)


AM -- slept great // woke at 6:30 no alarm

PM -- glasses on at 8 PM // stayed up and watched the NYC ball drop (11 PM our time) then watched a movie on Netflix and went to bed after midnight


Glucose before dinner was 74 and ketones were 1.3 -- great numbers. 

morning -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

pre workout -- BCAA's

post workout -- 1/3 c coconut milk with BCAAs and glutamine

Dinner -- in crock pot: sirloin chunks with onions, garlic, seasoning, diced tomatoes, breast milk (yes a tiny ounce of human breast milk), apple cider vinegar, bone broth (cooked enough for two day's worth) // spaghetti squash with tomato sauce // raw Swiss cheese // 2 oz baking chocolate

Snack -- handful of cashews and sunflower seeds // couple of spoonfuls of coconut butter (homemade with cacao and MCT oil in it) // 1 piece of bacon


walked 35' on treadmill -- 1.5 miles

10' warm up

3x3 back squat with 235#

3 x 

20 db overhead lunges with 47# DBs (10 each leg)

15 push ups

10 hanging leg raises


stretch and mobility (quads and pec stretch)

walked for an hour on treadmill holding baby (go about 2.0 mph at a 1.5 incline)

took a walk with my 4 year old around the block after dinner

Also did a total of 50 strict overhand pullups throughout the day and some bent over dumbbell row -- really trying to strengthen my shoulders and back...the pulling muscles


HRV was in the 90s on iThlete and high 70s on SweetBeat -- both said I was good to go.

Today I'm grateful for:

  • 2013 coming to an end -- 13 is an unlucky number, right?
  • Glucose and ketones have been solid lately
  • Hope snuggled me most of the night
  • Haelyn watched a show and hung out with me while I walked
  • Getting some eggs today from our "real" chickens