SHL -- Friday (Hope's Birthday)


AM -- woke at 6:30 because both girls were up at 6:30

PM -- glasses on little after 8 // in bed before 11 PM


Took blood sugar this morning and it was 92 which was frustratingly high. Then I thought about taking it in the afternoon and before dinner since I'm in a fasted state most of the day. At 2:30 PM it was 80 and at 5:30 PM it was 67 -- perfect. 

morning -- lots of water // coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

afternoon -- bone broth with coconut oil

dinner -- pastured ground breakfast sausage cooked on stove top with 2 yellow squash // large salad with romaine, carrots, bell pepper, and Bragg's dressing // 4 oz raw cheese


walked 1:10 on treadmill with half of that holding a baby


Today I'm so grateful for my sweet, sweet 3 year old baby. Sad that the 2 year old Hope is gone from my arms forever. 

Nana and Papa came tonight and we're doing another Christmas tomorrow. 

Had a little party for Hope tonight. 

Watching Haelyn and Hope sing and dance with their new guitars.