Simply Human Lifestyle -- Monday


AM -- woke before alarm at 5:30 AM // slept good

PM -- visiting with family // glasses on by 8 PM // asleep by 11:30 PM


Glucose was 94 at 8 AM which seemed a bit high after not having eaten for 17 hours

Morning -- black coffee

5 PM -- coconut butter

6:30 PM -- last of the Filling Chili and spaghetti squash (totally stuffed afterwards)


35' walk this morning

10' warm up

3x5 squats with 195#

12 x 

2 squats with 205#

8 pushups

one round per minute

stretched and mobility (hip flexors, shoulders and hip rotators)


FInished the Divergent series this morning. Surprise ending that I wasn't expecting. I give it 2 thumbs up.

Seeing my folks tonight.

Recorded Episode 14 with Rick this morning -- always fun to chat with Rick.

Haelyn hung out in the garage during my whole workout. She's my workout buddy.

So grateful for my kids and their health. Can't imagine life without them.