SHL -- Sunday


AM -- woke to my alarm at 6 PM // actually slept pretty good considering my late night and late night snack

PM -- glasses on before 8 PM // started falling asleep before 9 PM -- asleep by 9


Glucose was surprisingly 98 after eating WAY later than I ever do and eating tons of carbs late night (no sugar or grains -- just fruit, nuts and seeds)

9 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon (putting less butter in my coffee lately -- about a tbsp instead of 3 -- can't tell any difference and it conserves resources)

2 PM -- two bowls of filling chili // two boiled sweet potatoes doused in butter and sea salt // leftover guacamole (avacado, tomatoes, garlic, salt, juice from lemons)

Not going to eat anything until 3 PM tomorrow. Only gblack coffee until then. Enjoyed the 24 hour fast last week.


10' warmup

3x5 bench press with 190#

4 supersets of 

10 high step ups R leg

10 high step ups L leg

30 double unders

Each set took about 1:30 -- rested about 2 minutes. Step ups on a 20" box with two 45# plates stacked on top


Church this morning. Been a long time since all five of us made it to church together. 


Girls slept through the night and are getting rid of their snotties. 

Walked Hunter during class this morning and got him to sleep. 

Christmas is right around the corner! Listened to Christmas music on the way to church.

Got an amazingly positive email about the podcast. I'm so new at podcasting any feedback is welcome.