SHL -- Friday


AM -- daughter woke me up 5:15 AM and I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and started working on stuff

PM -- glasses on at 8 PM // in bed by 9:30 PM


Morning -- acv in water -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

Afternoon -- bone broth with coconut oil and salt

snack while making dinner -- macadamia nuts and raw cheese

Dinner -- pound of liver cooked in coconut oil coated with several different seasonings // onion, garlic and mushroom // grilled squash // raw cheese // 2 pieces of bacon // also made homemade ketchup for the liver


walked 30' on treadmill while reading

10' warmup

3 x 5 -- shoulder press with 110#

4 rounds of three different movements (shoulder press, broad jump and kettlebell swings) Workout took 13:15

stretch // mobility (calves and shoulders)

Walked holding a baby after dinner on treadmill for 30'


Grateful that it's Friday.

Really enjoying the fiction book I'm reading. One of those that you can't put down.

Having high speed internet is fantastic. 

Got to hold my son for a few minutest this morning.

Hope woke up first so I got to hang with her one-on-one for a while.

Got $20 at our office Christmas Party!!