SHL -- Monday


AM -- slept good // had to get up and pee a couple of times // Hope was in bed around 5 AM // woke just before my alarm went off at 6 AM

PM -- fell asleep before 10 PM


Glucose was 92 -- want that to be below 85 in the mornings.

Morning -- acv in water // coffee with MCT, butter and cinnamon

Afternoon -- bone broth

Dinner -- primal ground meat, onions and garlic from last night // pound bag of broccoli rabe and tomatoes (steamed) with butter, avocado, salt and pepper // raw cheese (6 oz) // baking chocolate (2 oz)

Supplements -- Omega 3 // vitamin D // bitter melon extract


Was planning on working out this afternoon but had too much going on. Rested today.


  • HRV was 90 on iThlete and 82 on SweetBeat -- resting HR was 58. Good to go. 
  • Got big mirror moved from gym to garage -- looks great.
  • Got some one-on-one time with Hunter tonight.
  • Got a ton done at work -- feels good to get loads marked off the to-do list.
  • Ordered a 23andMe genome, testing kit.
  • Bought a new, super powerful router so hopefully our internet at home will stop sucking.