SHL -- Thursday


AM -- got up a few times during the night // couldn't wake up at 6 when my alarm went off // hit snooze until 7 when I finally woke (probably due to the fact that I ate a snack around 9 PM)

PM -- glasses on little before 8 PM // asleep little after 10 PM


7:30 AM -- acv in water

1:15 PM -- bone broth with coconut oil and salt

Dinner -- grilled chucksteak // large salad (romaine, olives, carrots, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, salt) // raw Swiss cheese


walked 35' with Jr. this morning

10' warmup

3x10 dead lift with 175# (really focusing on keeping my shoulders back throughout the movement)

10' met-con featuring 24" box jumps, pushups and goblet squats with 50# took me around 9:36



Got "un"wireless internet this morning. We've had nothing but wireless for our home for the last 6 years and finally couldn't take it anymore. Internet is super fast now -- welcome to the 21st century, Rogers family.

Getting Christmas cards in the mail today.

It's a beautiful day today.