SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- woke before alarm at 5:45 AM // don't recall waking up at all during night

PM -- glasses on by 8 // asleep a little after 10 PM


Glucose was 94 at 6:30 AM which is high -- but then I checked again around 8 and it was 78 which is more normal. I may start checking a little later in the morning but still in a fasted state.

7:30 AM -- acv in water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT

12:30 -- salmon salad (salmon, feta cheese, vinegar dressing)

5:30 PM -- leftover beef kidney from last night // salad (romaine, olives, tomatoes, bell pepper, balsamic vinegar) // 2 oz raw cheese // couple bites of eggs (which I made for girls' dinner)


walked 1.6 miles this morning and rode my bike from campus to downtown for lunch (took about 12 minutes each way)

10' warm up

3 x 10 back squat with 140

12 minute intense met-con involving thrusters with 35#, abmat situps, and double unders. Ended up doing 41 thrusters, 106 situps and 185 double unders total.



Started reading Divergent series. I need a good fiction release every few months. This is in the same vein as Twilight and the Hunger Games ... I know, I know.

Recorded Episode 13 this afternoon which was lots of fun.

Took girls to the ACU womens' basketball game.

Rode my bike downtown for lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a while.

Stopped into a tattoo shop to talk about a few more tattoos I may get.