Simply Human Lifestyle -- Monday


AM -- woke after hitting snooze twice at 6:19 AM // forced myself to get up so I will be tired tonight

PM -- glasses on by 8 // asleep by 9 PM


Glucose was 88. So the fast has worked so far. It'll be easy to get to dinner tonight since that's what I normally do anyway.

Morning -- upgraded coffee, black, nothing in it // made with my Aeropress coffee maker

Dinner -- beef kidney cooked in coconut oil with onions and bell pepper // raw salad (chopped bok choy, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar) // raw cheese


HRV was in low 70s on both apps so I'm going to rest today. I'm planning on getting 4 workouts in this week and from here on out  alternating the high-intense met-cons 4 one week, 3 the next while doing 4 heavy lifts every week.

Walked 1.5 miles on the treadmill (30 minutes) while finishing up a book I've been trying to finish for months. 


This morning I'm grateful for my family. I'm happy the internet is working. I'm grateful that I didn't fight in the Battle of Waterloo and suffer through that nightmare (or any live action for that matter). Grateful for the men and women who have died in the past to ensure the rest of us get a better future.

Can't wait for Anchorman 2. One more full week before Christmas.