SHL -- Sunday


AM -- woke around 7 AM // probably didn't get great sleep because I ate a late snack (9 PM)

PM -- went to bed at 11:30 PM


morning -- coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT Oil

Lunch -- leftover primal chili (large bowl) // several raw tomatoes with salt // few tbsps of coconut butter (homemade with cocoa in it)

Per a suggestion by Ben Greenfield I'm doing a 24 hour fast. So from 2 PM today until 2 PM tomorrow (but it will actually be more like 5:30 PM tomorrow -- a 27 hour fast). Just to give my cells a chance to get some autophagy in and clean up some waste. It was pretty easy tonight. I wasn't hungry at all. Had some green tea at Jason's and lots of water. I'm also hoping this will get my blood sugar back down after the late-night, high-carb snack from last night.


10' warmup

3x10 bench press with 135#

High intense met-con involving lunges, kettlebell swings and pullups that took me around 8.5 minutes.

Stretch and mobility (really focusing on hip rotators and psoas)


Grateful for our church -- first time back since June.

Grateful for Natural Grocers. 

Grateful a little date with Haelyn this afternoon while everyone else slept -- we took a walk and visited with a neighbor down the street. 

Man I hate the Cowboys.