SHL -- Friday


AM -- woke to my alarm at 6 AM // been a while since I've slept that good // never woke up in the night

PM -- fell asleep on floor of girls room at 9 PM // in my bed at 9:30 PM


Blood sugar was 84 -- finally under 85. I didn't have cheese or chocolate last night.

8 AM -- acv in water

9:30 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT oil and cinnamon

12:00 PM -- hamburger (no bun) from AbiHAUS with veggies and stone ground mustard on the side (lettuce, jalapenos, pickles, onions, tomatoes)

5:30 PM -- 4 eggs cooked with grape tomatoes and 1 can each of sardines and herring // large, raw salad (same as last night) // 4 oz raw cheese // 2 oz baking chocolate

Supplements -- bitter melon extract


30' walk on treadmill this morning. About 1 1/4 mile.

10' warm up

3x10 shoulder press with 80#

5 DB push press with 45#

10 hollow rocks

10 DB push press

20 hollow rocks

15 push press

30 hollow rocks

2 rounds with 1' rest in between

took me 7' exactly -- did first round in 3:03 and second in 2:57. Shoulders are toast.

Rode my bike downtown for a lunch appointment. Probably about 4 miles total. Nice day for it.


HRV was 86 on iThlete and 69 on Sweet Beat ... weird difference there. 

Grateful that my son is 7 weeks old today.

The girls had their first uninterrupted night of sleep in about a week and slept until 7:45 AM.

Have another interview lined up today with Richard Hansler -- a sleep expert. 

Lunch with a good friend I haven't seen in a while.

Put up Christmas tree finally. I had the lights on the house a month ago.