SHL -- Sunday


AM -- slept much better // no low back pain // slept until around 7:30 AM

PM -- had orange glasses on by 8:30 PM // in bed by 10:30 PM (watched Giants/Redskins 4th quarter)


Ran around outside with the girls this morning


Haven't checked glucose since Thursday since I know it will be high -- just saving the strips. Listened to a Ben Greenfield podcast on the drive back (he'll be on the Simply Human Podcast in December FYI) who said that fasted glucose should be in the 70-85 range. Mine has been averaging in the 85-95 range. Bought some highly potent bitter melon extract today -- we'll see if that helps keep it down. 

8:30 AM -- acv in water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

2 PM -- bone broth (beef soup stock)

6 PM -- primal ground beef with onions and garlic (made 1.5 pounds, 1 whole onion and about 6 garlic cloves -- that's 2 meals worth) // baking chocolate (2 oz) // 3 oz raw Goat cheese // 1 pound bag of frozen kale (steamed then topped with salt, pepper, and butter)


Really grateful for a great Thanksgiving holiday -- we had lots of fun

Got all my Christmas shopping done online

Went to the grocery store with my daughter

Grateful for night time routine of bath/pajamas/snack/brush teeth/story/prayers/song