SHL -- Saturday


AM -- 2 year old came in our room around 12:45 and slept in there until I took her back to her room around 2, then I slept in there with them until they woke at 7:15

PM -- fell asleep duing weekend update, in bed by 11 PM


coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT this morning

bone broth in afternoon with a hunk of cheese and glutamine after my workout

Dinner was sausage, steak, chicken, grilled asparagus, grilled corn on the cob and baking chocolate -- a feast our friends brought over. 


10' warm up

3 x 10 bench with 135# 

12' of 4 bent row with 135# and 8 pushups every minute

stretching and mobility

Rode my bike to walgreens and united this morning -- then took girls and dogs on a walk


dinner with friends

watched Bama/LSU

commuting on my bike -- something I've done a lot less of since leaving Arlington

$0.97 blackberries!!