Simply Human Lifestyle -- Tuesday


AM --- one of my daughters came into our room around 12:45 AM so I took her back to her room and ended up sleeping in there the rest of the night unintentionally -- woke at 6 AM

PM -- watched a show with orange glasses on after girls went down // in bed around 11 PM


8 AM -- coffee with cinnamon, MCT oil and butter

12:45 PM -- (post workout) bone broth with 2 raw eggs and glutamine // hunk of cheese

6 PM -- roasted veggies // organic Andouille sausage // 1 sweet potato 


10' warmup

1 rep max Dead Lift = 350 lbs

5 x  

8 pullups

8 burpees

I did the first 11 burpees stric then did regular kipping the rest of the way through. Finished at 5:57



Had a strategy meeting at work today and am excited to get back going full speed ahead

Grateful that I live close enough to work that I can come home and workout at lunch

worked on Episode 7 today