SHL -- Monday


AM -- woke at 1 AM to change a baby // slept until 6:55 AM (woke before 7 AM alarm) 

PM -- fell asleep putting girls to bed around 9:30 PM // I get really sleepy putting them to bed because bath and snack and story time is all done by orange light or candle light...slept until around 10:30 then went to bed around 11 PM


8 AM -- acv in water // coffee with cinnamon, MCT oil and coconut oil, and butter

2:30 PM -- bone broth

5:30 PM -- beef kidney cooked on stove with garlic and onions, squash, tomato and pepper // sauerkraut // baking chocolate // raw cheese // can of black olives

10:30 PM -- leftover German pancakes from this morning // spoonful of homemade coconut butter (usually don't like to eat after dinner but I was hungry) 


rest day -- took dogs and girls on about a 30 minute walk right at sunset


  • Got to host one of my good friends on campus today -- spoke to a large group of students
  • Made girls breakfast this morning before work (variation of German pancakes) 
  • Getting to go back to work and get back to "normal" life