SHL -- Saturday


AM -- always sleep terrible if I either eat too late or too many carbs in the evening // lower back hurts, like my kidneys, to the point where I can't breathe in all the way // also had lots of weird, vivid dreams, another indication of eating the wrong things at the wrong time the day before

PM -- tried to stay up and watch some college football but was asleep before 10 PM


didn't do much today other than ran around with the girls while they drove their gators all morning // climbed a tree // went on a 30' walk/slow jog right before noon


8:30 AM -- acv in water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and oil

2 PM -- bone broth

6 PM -- primal ground beef, eggs and broccoli from Wednesday night // baking chocolate // raw cheese // salad

Finally shut my eating window down early -- should sleep better tonight (and I did)


bought a ton of coffee and MCT oil from upgraded self website this morning

ordered meat for December -- I don't why but I love ordering meat online -- like a kid in a candy store

Love running around with the girls at my in-laws in Georgetown

The Auburn/Alabama game was one of the most incredible games I've ever watched. I got in trouble from my 4 year old for saying OH MY GOSH! too many times -- ha.