AM -- Woke at 8 AM // I didn't test glucose but know it's high because I had very vivid dreams and was in and out of sleep for the last few hours I was down

PM -- fell asleep around 11 PM


8:30 -- acv in water

9 AM -- coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT oil

1:30 PM -- beef soup stock

6 PM -- beef liver coated in spices and tapioca flour // sauteed onions and garlic // baking chocolate // some new york strip steak leftover from other people's plates at dinner // made ketchup for my liver

8 PM -- frozen berries // frozen bananas // cashews


10' warm up

3x3 back squat with 225#

4 x 

20 pushup

20 sit ups

20 lunges (2 sets holding 45# DB in each hand // 2 sets holding 45# olympic bar in ech hand)

each set was faster staring at 1:50 and the fastest being 1:30

basic stretches


Grateful that I'm not out shopping today!

felt good squatting

My brother launched his new website today -- -- check it out.

Cooking for my family tonight -- grilling steaks, hamburgers and liver.