SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- Woke around 6:15 with no alarm // Haelyn had something like a panic attack in the middle of the night -- I held her with me on the floor for about five minutes soothing her until I finally realized it had been Hope the whole time...ha!

PM -- Fell asleep putting the girls to bed around 9 PM


Glucose was 89

Morning -- acv in water // coffee with butter, cinnamon and coconut oil (trying to ration my upgraded MCT)

11 AM -- bone broth

5:30 PM -- primal ground beef with 4 eggs and frozen broccoli all cooked on the stove // raw salad with greens, tomatoes, carrots // 2 sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper // 2 oz baking chocolate // raw cheese

Supplements today -- Omega 3 // vitamin D // magnesium


Took a walk this morning -- 30'

Went to my in-laws farm and walked all over the place looking for a lost cow and rounding up a calf whose momma died (see pic below)


Love going out to my in-laws farm. Bonded with this calf that we named Heidi Mac which is what we were going to name my son had he been a girl. There are already cows named for Haelyn and Hope.

When working with cows -- keep 'em small if you want to remain unbruised. 

When working with cows -- keep 'em small if you want to remain unbruised. 

Love being outside and tromping through brush.

Saw two dead momma cows today and that's definitely not an "enjoy" thing -- but that's life and as a meat eater, something I feel like it's important to see. One of the cows died during birth with a breeched calf. So sad. The other one was hung up in a tree, she had prolapsed and her insides were hanging out all over the place. She was struggling to survive because her calf was within sight. As soon as we got the calf with the other cows, safe and sound, momma died almost instantly. I was planning on watching her be shot. Again, I think it's important for anyone who eats animals to completely understand what meat-raising involves.