SHL -- Thanksgiving!


AM -- woke in girls room at 12:30 // read until 1 AM // slept until 6:20 AM

PM -- fell asleep with girls from 9-10 PM // up from 10-11:30 PM


Glucose was 80

Morning -- acv in water // coffee with cinnamon, butter and MCT

2 PM -- entire turkey leg from pastured turkey // boiled sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon

6 PM -- leftover turkey and ham // green salad // raw cheese

Thanksgiving "Treats" -- fresh berries // pineapple chunks // unsweetened carob chunks and almonds // dried cranberries -- so no processed sugar and a trace amount of wheat grass in the carob chunks


10' warm up

3x3 shoulder press with 135#


10 renegade rows with 45# DBs

10 standing broad jump

20 supermans

6 rounds -- tougher than I thought it would be

calf and lat mobility


HRV was 88 on iThlete // 80 on SweetBeat // resting HR was 60 // good to go.

Grateful for all the family I'm going to see today.

Grateful for my new wine glass mason jar to drink my bone broth out of. 

Grateful for Crossfit Georgetown for letting my brother-in-law and I work out today.

How 'bout them COWBOYS!