SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- slept solid from 2:30 until 6:20 on the floor in living room with a sick kid

PM -- fell asleep on the couch with my sleep mask on while family visited. Moved to the floor of the girls' bedroom around 10:30 PM


Glucose was 89 this morning. I've made a really cool discovery: if I have some extra carbs from good sources in the morning, it doesn't effect my blood sugar. Such a relief knowing I can have an apple and some watermelon and not have high blood sugar the next day.

7:45 AM -- acv in water

8:30-10 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

Noon -- bone broth

5:30 PM -- (while driving) Andouille sausage, yellow squash grilled on George Foreman // raw tomatoes // baking chocolate (2 oz) // raw cheese (Swiss 6 oz)

Supplements today -- Omega 3 // vitamin D // Chromium // Magnesium


rest day


Haelyn is better this morning -- phew!

Working on Episode 10 of the podcast

Thanksgiving break starts tonight!