Simply Human Lifestyle -- Monday


AM -- alarm woke me up at 6

PM -- in and out of sleep from 10 until around 2:30 AM with Haelyn going on 16 hours of throwing up


Glucose was low 90s

didn't have coffee today for the first time in a while...

Morning -- bacon & eggs, watermelon and an apple, 2 oz baking chocolate (be interested to see what having more carbs than I normally do but BEFORE noon does...normally I'll have lots of carbs late at night and my glucose is elevated for days)

Post-workout around 5 PM -- bone marrow

6 PM -- bone-in lamb stew meat cooked on low in a crockpot (really good) // 2 large grilled squash // 2 large grilled tomato (george foreman grill) // 2 oz baking chocolate // 5 oz raw cheese -- a lot of food


10' warmup

3x3 bench press with 225# (only the second set did I have my feet on the ground)

8' of 

10 pullups (landing on 45# bumper plate -- more of a jumping pullup)

10 goblet squats with 53# kettle bell

did 5 rounds plus 2 pullups

stretched and mobility


HRV was good on both apps -- 83 on sweetbeat -- HR in the high 50s. 

Haelyn was sick all day so I basically laid next to her all day. I soak up any chance I have to snuggle my babies.

Worked out in my new garage gym for the first time -- moved it from inside to give me more space and my kids a play room.