SHL -- Saturday


AM -- up at 1:45 then slept from 2:15-6 then from about 6:30-7:30 AM

PM -- went to bed around 11 PM 


8:30 AM -- acv in water // decaf with cinnamon, butter and MCT oil

Noon -- bone broth

3 PM -- carob cubes, carob raisins, raisins, leftover Simply Human Kids pancakes, cashews, almonds, frozen berries, dark chocolate (basically more carbs than I've had in the last week) 

6 PM -- 4 eggs cooked with a can of kippered herring


took girls on a walk today -- pretty sore and my next workout is a planned max effort back squat


  • Ordered 10 lbs of grass fed butter!!! 
  • Grateful for my yard -- mowed a few days ago and it really looks good. 
  • My back porch cooking set up will be complete today. 
  • Beautiful night for a walk.
  • Cleaned up some cabinets and pantry in the kitchen -- feels good to get rid of clutter.