SHL -- Sunday


AM -- woke at 8:30 AM

PM -- napped from 2-4:30 PM so I could NOT go to sleep tonight. I ended up on the floor of my daugthers' room sometime after midnight.


rest day -- went on about a 45' walk with the dogs and my 4 year old daughter tonight -- we watched the moon moment.


9 AM -- acv in water // tons of water // coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

Noon -- bone broth

6 PM -- Andoille sausage with homemade ketchup // grilled squash and tomatoes // raw cheese // baking chocolate // leftover eggs from yesterday morning


Listened to a couple of This American Life episodes on way home and some clips from the Musers on the Ticket -- I like stuff that makes me laugh out loud even when I'm all alone. 

Got to take a nap with Hope this afternoon.

Walk with Haelyn. She held my hand the whole time. At one point out of nowhere she said, "dad? I love you." I live for that kind of stuff now.