SHL -- Friday


AM -- woke at 6:20 AM // got good sleep

PM -- orange glasses on by 8:30 PM // in bed by 11:30 PM


98 glucose this morning -- below 100 which is good but still high -- from SUNDAY

7:30 AM -- coffee with butter, coconut oil, MCT oil and cinnamon

11:30 AM -- basin burgers in Midland (burger with cheese, Poblano peppers, avocado)

6 PM -- chicken fajitas that some friends brought over // grilled peppers and onions // baking chocolate // steamed tomatoes, squash and garlic


rest day -- in the car most of the day


Beautiful morning.

It's Friday. 

Got to visit with some alumni from the 50s and 60s -- always makes my day better.

Nana and Papa arrived tonight.

Texted with some friends about something we had done 15 years ago tonight.