SHL -- Wednesday


Woke at 7:30 -- no alarm. Slept great.  

Put orange glasses on at 9:45 PM. Wore them until I went to bed. Used the Coleman candle lantern during bath and snack time tonight with girls.  

In bed at 11:30 -- couldn't stop reading. 


Rode bike home from hospital -- 30' 

Rode bike up to hospital -- 30'  


9 AM -- ACV in water

11 AM -- coffee with butter and MCT oil and cinnamon

1 PM -- bone broth, a few unshelled almonds that I had to crack open, and a few ounces of raw cheese

5:30 PM -- little less than a pound of grass fed ground meat with 4 eggs topped with avocado and sour cream and salsa (ate half using half tomorrow), steamed broccoli with butter on it, 2 oz baking chocolate, nori sheet


I'm really digging The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins -- I'd be done by now but about every third sentence I drop the book down and stare off into space reflecting on the profoundness I've just read. 

The Simply Human Podcast was approved by iTunes tonight. It will be up in the store in just a couple of days! Very exciting.  


Morning glucose was 84. Ketones - 0.7. Didn't do HRV since I'm not working out today. 

Didn't have coffee until 11 AM because of an unscheduled doctor's appointment for my wife. Never felt hungry or shaky or anything. Felt fine without it.

Our Neo-Natalogist is from Puerto Rico and she is married to a pediatric anesthesiologist. They eat a Paleo diet and he does Cross Fit...ha! Possible contributor to the Simply Human Kids page or my book??!!