SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- Alarm went off at 7 AM. Woke right up.

PM -- Wore sunglasses up to the hospital while I rode my bike (around 9:15 PM). Wore amber glasses once I got up there. Read a while...went to sleep with "Deep Relaxation" track playing in my headphones.


Rode bike to the YMCA and did the following

10' warmup

3 x 10 dead lift with 175# 

8' of  

8 40# DB squats

8 40# DB push press

20 lungers

Did 4 rounds + 5 squats



9 AM -- ACV in water, coffee with butter, MCT oil, cinnamon, 2 egg yolks


1:30 PM -- bone broth

3 PM -- raw cheese

4:30 PM -- dill pickles, rest of the primal ground beef and eggs from yesterday topped with guacamole, sour cream and salsa, raw bell pepper, steamed yellow squash and other half of bell pepper, nori sheet, 4 oz baking chocolate, little bit of steamed broccoli


Submitted my podcast to iTunes -- hopefully I did it right! And have another interview lined up for tomorrow. Recorded interviews with a few friends for my Humans Being Human segment. All classicly funny stuff.


Glucose was 88 this morning. Ketones were 0.6. Good numbers.